Our Story

African clothing store Indianapolis

Afrikan Authentix was born out of a passion for African culture and a desire to share it with the world. Our founder, Laila, moved to the US from Cameroon 10 years ago and started Afrikan Authentix as a side project to keep her busy and make money from home as a soon-to-be stay-at-home mother. She quickly realized what her products meant for her customers, how proud and deep they felt about them. With the help of her husband, she has been able to grow Afrikan Authentix into what it is today: a leading online store for authentic handmade african clothing and accessories.

Our products are meticulously handcrafted by master artisans from all over the continent, who use traditional techniques and materials to create unique and beautiful pieces. We source our products either by personally traveling to Africa or by communicating with our representatives on the field to place orders. By providing fair wages, we are able to help our artisans improve their quality of life and give them access to markets they can’t access on their own. Some of our artisans are Barbara, Richard and Elisabeth from Ghana, Flore and Jael from Cameroon, Sylvestre from Benin, Amadou from Senegal.

Our products are authentic and are either made in a single quantity or in small batches to give our customers the exclusivity they deserve. They are the perfect blend of modern and African culture, and they allow our customers to express their identity and celebrate their heritage. We want our customers to feel empowered, proud and connected to their African roots when they interact with our brand.

Our mission is to reconnect the most African American men and women to their African heritage by providing them with the best Africa has to offer. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our products and services, and to offer our customers the best of Africa. We are guided by our core values of authenticity, empowerment, community, excellence, and innovation.

We invite you to join us on this journey and discover the beauty and diversity of Africa with Afrikan Authentix. πŸ™Œ